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ACT Tutoring

Mid adult African American dad helps teenage sone with homework assignment. The dad gestures while explaining something to his son.

Windermere Tutoring is offering advice and practice for Math, English, and Science as well as any other subjects with which a student needs help. We provide you with ACT tutors who follow a general test prep plan and also focus on student’s needs.
The ACT test is a standard test that will challenge the knowledge you have accumulated over your time in schooling. There are four main elements to this test which are English, math, reading, and science. Each of these is an important element in your education and we are here to make sure that you have a good understanding of every one of them as well as to refine your skills to help you excel. Performing very well on your ACT test can help prepare you for your future, as well as get a good understanding of where your current education level is compared to other students.


Being skilled in English will help you communicate effectively in each reading, writing, and speaking. Your knowledge in English is the foundation of your knowledge base and will assist you with other areas of education when you have a solid understanding. Our tutors help our clients with all levels of English from elementary school all the way up to high school as well as college preparation tasks, if this is required. We take a structured approach and work with our clients learning abilities to provide them with an education that they are able to understand and absorb.


Math is not an easy subject and everyone is not good at it. To learn math you should have to choose a teacher who is really good at it and have a good experience.
Windermere Tutoring has a great experienced team that is an expert in mathematics. They can help the students to enhance and refine their math skills.
Our tutors can teach the best and easy methods to solve math problems and frequent calculations without a calculator. They can also teach simple solutions to algebra and trigonometry.


Science can be absolutely fascinating, as long as you have an interest in it. Luckily there are so many different elements of science that there is bound to be at least one area that piques the interest of each person. While we are able to help find this interest, we are also focused on providing you with the basic knowledge of general science that will be applicable to your ACT test so that you can get into a good college and find your true passion in life. Getting a good score on your ACT test is the first step on the road to a successful collegiate life.