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Reading Comprehension Tutors

reading comprehension windmere

Windermere Tutoring has a great team of tutors who are expert in reading comprehension. Our tutors can teach you to understand how to summarizing, coding, decoding, and drawing conclusions. They also teach students about self-questioning and inferencing skills.

Reading Exercises

A great way to gauge the level of reading comprehension of our students is to provide them with reading exercises. We have a series of different reading exercises available which help to measure a student's abilities as well as to monitor their progression. We have our reading exercises based around topics that will be of interest to our students, which will increase their level of engagement and motivation in the understanding of the reading comprehension exercises we provide them with. This is a service that we provide for clients of all different ages and levels of education.

A different approach

Windermere Tutoring has clearly structured programs which have been proven to show improvement in our clients' reading comprehension abilities. Having worked one on one with many different students, we have a good understanding of the main types of learning and information retention styles. By using this knowledge we are able to take different approaches with each of our clients which will cater to the way that they learn. There is no point in sending a child to a class that they already understand and wonder why they are not progressing in. Each person is different in their learning methods, which is an important concept that we help establish and work with to their advantage.

One on one support

Often children can be embarrassed to ask questions in a classroom environment as they are afraid to look silly in front of their peers. We have clients who have had a series of questions for us on topics that they had felt they were unable to ask in class. Just this alone goes to show how valuable tutoring can be for a child as one on one attention can help them to feel more relaxed and able to ask any questions as they arise. This will ensure their progression and is a common sign of deeper desire for comprehension on the subject at hand.

Improvement tracking

When working with a tutor, our clients want to ensure that their knowledge has progressed, which is why we track this for them. We find that providing our clients with information on their periodic improvement helps to keep them motivated as they can see their progression in black and white in front of them. The parents of our clients are also generally quite pleased to see the level their child came from to what they have been able to achieve through the use of a professional tutor.